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Win rate: 79%
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Rating: 7.5/10 (2719 votes cast)

Kami is a party girl who loves being the center of your attention. She also loves to play strip poker and leave you with nothing – watch out!

If you are having trouble viewing/playing the game, you may find some help here.

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Kami, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2719 ratings
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Kami 2 - hot poker girl
Kami - hot poker girl


  1. Ironvein says:

    Game seems fun, but it’s buggy. The game will stop dealing after a while. All other functions work but the game stops. Also it obvious that the girls AIs are the same so there isn’t a ‘better girl’ or ‘easier girl’. Don’t believe me? For any girl, if she’s the small blind and limps (she calls not raises), you can raise and she will fold 100% unless calling puts her all-in. They all do this.

  2. Joe says:

    I had the same problem. Also every 30 or 40 seconds the game starts lagging and slows to a crawl. My internet connection is perfect, it’s something with the site. It’s really annoying and makes the game take forever.

  3. PokerChick says:

    Joe, try right clicking on the game and switching to low quality mode – it sounds like your computer is struggling with the 3d flash, so this might help..

  4. PokerChick says:

    Ironvein, there is some similarity across the players on how they play pre-flop, but all the girls are different in how they play on the whole, believe me.
    Without giving too much away, there are 7 different player attributes, one of which is how tight/loose they play..
    Sorry to hear about the locking up problem – though I’d fixed that. It’s a hard one to pin down, because, despite all the testing I’ve done, the bug has only show up once for me..
    I will look at it again, and see if I can nail it for good..

  5. Ironvein says:

    The locking bug only occurs after a large number of hands; it doesn’t happen in a short game. That kinda problem points to a memory leak somewhere in my experience. I did notice that the ‘reshuffle’ sound only occurs if the hand goes to at least flop. Is there a significance in that? (i.e. if we just folded every hand would it crash when it runs out of cards? – haven’t tried yet because that would be a long game and the lock bug would hit for sure).

  6. PokerChick says:

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to me – much appreciated.
    I thought it might have been a memory leak too, since it was becoming clear that it was only after a lot of hands that this would show up.
    (This is why people were mainly reporting the bug on Shay’s game, since she’s the most cautious player) Then I thought it was a couple of other things, and wasted a load of time fixing things that weren’t broken. But, after all that, today I found a bug that I had cleverly introduced when testing, months ago.

    So, I’m 99% sure that it’s sorted now, if you do a hard refresh, and can be bothered to play more than 100 hands or so, it should all be fine, fingers crossed..

  7. Ironvein says:

    Well, I played Shay. It was a long game and I won. So as far as I can tell it worked. I also noticed that while your AI settings for each girl are different, they still basically play the same (just playable ranges are different). I can use one strategy and beat any one of these girls. I’m not sure you realize how big an exploit their small blind behavior really is. It’s a 66% chance of winning preflop. A cautious player can take advantage of this and win in the long run without going to flop at all (any girl). It wouldn’t necessary be fun, but it would work.

    As a suggestion since I don’t know how difficult it how be to implement at this point, have the girls behavior/AI change as the game progresses. Either have is learn their opponents behavior and adapt (hard way) or just change the AI as player/opponent loses clothes (looser/tighter if ahead/behind in chips for example). The 2nd way would be easier all things considered (just change AI settings at clothes change) and would add a level of uncertainty to the girls play style (you could make the looser as the lose clothes instead of tighter just to throw ppl off).

  8. PokerChick says:

    Thanks Ironvein, that’s looking promising – buy yourself a beer and pretend it was from me!
    I think you’re right about the pre-flop behaviour, I do need to look at that. I was aware of the problem, but kind of thought it’d be a nice (but very boring) little cheat for players who were struggling to win normally. You’ve convinced me that it’s worth fixing, though.

    I like your AI suggestions, I’d been thinking about the 1st method you mention, but your second option does sound easier to do. I’ll probably end up using a mixture of the 2 approaches..

  9. ADHD_ says:


  10. sakata neman says:

    nice pussy lips :).
    she is pretty hard bud her game is readable thankfully

  11. tartanterrier says:

    Nice one!!!

  12. winter says:

    i beat jenna and i endend up with 15k

  13. PokerChick says:

    are you sure it wasn’t $1500?

  14. M1A1XLR says:

    she isn’t shaved

  15. PokerChick says:

    she is shaved, she’s just not bald!

  16. M1A1XLR says:

    whats her full name?

  17. PokerChick says:

    afraid I don’t know – maybe someone else does. Anyone, anyone?

  18. RoadKill says:

    Sorry but Kami was pretty easy, she tend to sit on garbage hands. Also folded alot when first dealt, if I didn’t have much just had to bet 30 and she would fold.

  19. BooZe says:

    whats her surname?

  20. PokerChick says:

    Not sure, anyone else know?

  21. pod88 says:

    great tits and lovely cunt. nice little landing strip

  22. Teddy says:

    Sieg und endlich mal eine die unten nicht aussieht wie ein kleines Schulkind. Das ist genau die Medizien, die mir mein Arzt verschrieben hat.

  23. almahámozó says:

    Jaj cica eszem azt a csöpp pinád!

  24. ghandi says:

    tight pussy and hot lips

  25. dxkt says:

    one of my favorite girls!! she folds alot and it takes time to beat her but in the end it is worth it.

  26. pokerface says:

    the hottest girl on this site xd

  27. Will says:

    Nice little pucker in the back, I would kiss her crack and suck both them lovely holes.

  28. Jax says:

    @PokerChick is there ever a chance that videos will appear in the games?

  29. AIC says:

    Her full name is Kami Arias (Kamila Hermanova) and she is wonderfull.The most beautiful girl here

  30. Frenchy says:

    Not easy to beat: when she said “all-in” I had fool-house and she had pai of aces.
    SHe’s pretty girl : delicious pussy lips, a long clitoris and nice asshole we should love to lick. I agree AIC.

  31. dxkt says:

    this is one hot girl gets me hard and keeps me hard

  32. footguy says:

    thanks pokerchick

  33. Mike La'Taurus says:

    Does she resemble the infamous cyber bully Laureen Foat with the red hair?

  34. Sue says:

    Sexy little thing isn’t she xxx

  35. Bas says:

    I hardly play the same opponent in different photo takes successively but I made an exception for Kami, she is a good fighter but when she loses she shows her anticipation of pleasure after hard work

  36. PNF says:

    My kind of girl. I could suck those nips and cup those firm tits all night long and lose myself in her eyes.

  37. clive ng says:

    she is strong in last game!!!very hard player nice body beautiful ass

  38. clive ng says:

    top pussy!!!nice pic

  39. denny says:

    love the red hair great tits beautiful pussy love a girl with hard nipples very eatable pussy

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