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Win rate: 80%
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Rating: 7.5/10 (1579 votes cast)

Jasmine Andreas is an Edinburgh girl who loves nothing better on a cold winter night than a roaring fire, a hot toddie and some even hotter free strip poker!


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Jasmine, 7.5 out of 10 based on 1579 ratings
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  1. DJ Jazzy says:

    Poker Chick,
    After winning, the green “new game” icon blocks this girls hoo-haa. The detail view of that pix is not much better. Great teaser, but I don’t think that is what you were going for. Is there a replacement picture that could be added instead at the end?

  2. PokerChick says:

    @DJ Jazzy, thanks for the heads-up. I will adjust the picture first chance I get..

  3. luddie says:

    To PokerChick: Could you make a way to shut off sound Please?
    I like to listen to music on my Computer and sound of shuffeling interfers with it.
    Thank you.

  4. luddie says:

    Anyone know her last name?
    Can not seem to find her anywhere

  5. PokerChick says:

    @luddie – it’s Jasmine Andreas. Will get to the sound thing as soon as I can..

  6. dxkt says:

    i just found this girl and i think i am in love lol i wouold do her all night long and in any position that is possible 2-3 times a day and all day on sunday lol

  7. oldvocks says:

    almost the time she can guest what flavor of condom before i screwed her pussy…….ridicules

  8. oldvocks says:

    a bit difficult…. don’t use raise or bet to fight her although with a good card in hand….. bet her until the last safe moment…and u can have her…. not too cute pussy

  9. Will says:

    Nice chest bumps and great gash, Sorry I didn’t get to see that ass, I’m an ass, leg and foot man.

  10. footguy says:

    thanks pokerchick

  11. Mike Oxbigg says:

    Would love to try her on a test drive

  12. PNF says:

    Such long lovely legs and firm tits. I want to 69 with her. Let her run those thick lips down my rod while I nibble on her clitoral flaps.

  13. Mike Oxbigg & Mike La'Taurus says:

    We’d like to give her a pearl necklace. She is one of the hottest girls on the site.

  14. Samuel says:

    Jasmine , Great body , Love the eyes and lips , beautiful butt , very pretty pink pussy , nice and wet . Thanks for the game Jasmine , hope to play you again real soon , Hmm when we win the pokers chicks , we should get a picture of our collection ? Could you look into that please , cause I would love to have the last picture for my front page, Thank You

  15. verger serge says:

    tu peut toujours te brosser sur ton ardi mdr

  16. clive ng says:

    hard player!!!lovely pussy hair!!!!nice body n beautiful tits top play

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