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Win rate: 73%
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Rating: 7.6/10 (1346 votes cast)

Gwen has a hot and firm athletic body, smoking, sultry eyes and a very dirty mind. She says she enjoys strip poker, but it’s probably the stripping element of the game she likes the most…


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Gwen, 7.6 out of 10 based on 1346 ratings
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Gwen 2 - hot poker girl
Gwen - hot poker girl


  1. David says:

    Unbeaten my ass. But be careful, she is difficult. So take your time.

  2. Dex says:

    She’s hot!

  3. gus says:

    my good give her anything to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. well says:

    Gwen even more wonderful than wonderful

  5. dec says:

    you wanna see my hard drive its 5-6 inches and never floppy

  6. rob says:

    finally, a girl that doesn’t have flotation devices for boobs! i like a rack as much as the next guy, but all the silicone in the last few girls could have filled the grand canyon! i just really prefer a real woman, that likes her body enough not to get silicone to make her feel better. also love the fact that she doesn’t look like a whole football team nailed at least a dozen times either! there’s nothing like a girl with a little tightness down where it counts, the bald on her looks really good also. thanks again pokerchick for another hot chick in your game! from a very loyal fan.

  7. MAC says:

    Very pretty girl, thanks PokerChick.

  8. cirithungol says:

    argh!!!! froze on me!!!!!! damn! was getting there!

  9. Robert says:

    gorgeous and tough to beat

  10. Commander says:

    Nice spread!!! Hot girl!!!

  11. MArbella says:

    Gwen Polanska

  12. me says:

    damn it it froze up on me i had a flush…

  13. dxkt says:

    such a nice pussy to eat!!! lol she is hot

  14. nice says:

    won in one minute

  15. PNF says:

    OMFG She is fucking perfect! I love EVERYTHING about her. I want her in my bed. Shit, I want her ANYWHERE!

  16. footguy says:

    pretty girl, except with no feet. thanks for the game pokerchick, love the site.

  17. woodpecker says:

    Shit in the hands of the dealer! It is very hot!

  18. Robert says:

    I prefer Gwen in the bikini. Better pictures more sexy. Does anyone know her real name?

  19. sopnat says:

    she’s got the softest looking pussy,please sit on my face

  20. Frenchy says:

    Is she unlucky or too easy to beat? It took me less than 10 minutes to win. Play her to warm-up. Nothing to throw : gorgeous spreads, eyes, lips, face … and delicious shaved pusssy.

  21. Mr Ting says:

    She freeze on me.

  22. Will says:

    Nice body and a fine ass love them little titties. Pussy could use some hair instead of it looking like a mannequin.

  23. B Rad says:

    Cute lady with a great pussy shot for the last pic. Finger lickin good!

  24. Flash says:

    These games SUCK!!!!!! KEEPS LOCKING UP!!!! NOT TO MENTION THE BITCH WONT PLAY A DECENT GAME!!! WHY DON’T YOU FIX THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. mondo says:

    Hi Poker chick, The game froze twice half way through while the background was still moving and i could still open the hand rating menu. (great site though thanks.x)

  26. Bas says:

    Lovely girl with great body. I like the perky tits and the last two poses. Thanks PC

  27. Mike La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    She looks like she likes to fuck. We like that.

  28. Sue says:

    Sensational pussy

  29. Brian says:

    Very nice. Thank you.

  30. clive ng says:

    good player!!!lovely pussy n nice body top game

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