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Win rate: 82%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (1214 votes cast)

Our latest opponent, Chelsea French, has a certain undefinable something about her, something that says “don’t waste my time”. She certainly has a steely determination to get you naked at strip poker.

If you are having trouble viewing/playing the game, you may find some help here.

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Chelsea, 7.4 out of 10 based on 1214 ratings
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  1. Kris says:

    This isn’t too related to the girl at the moment but, PokerChick do you check your blog? I haven’t seen anything in it for a while, and I’ve put up some ideas in the suggestions…

  2. PokerChick says:

    @Kris – sorry, you’re right – I’ve been a bit lax in updating the blog, to say the least. I have updated it now – and answered your comments. Thanks x

  3. SCtheReaper says:

    Nice 🙂

  4. Rainer says:

    this is lame, unrealistic and no fun

  5. Rainer says:

    Your Texas Holdem was recommanded to us and we also guess there is a lot of work in it. And we expected some fun to play against Chelsea, Beatrix and Abigaile. But there was no real fun. The graphic is very slow and it takes half a lifetime to achieve something. As I guessed before, maybe there is a reason for that?? We really wonder, that the cards of the opponent up to appr. 80 % are just better. And even so in different games the cards are mostly the same and the river for sure is in favour of the opponent, so you can fold as you know in advance what will happen. Thanks for trying, but we in future remain playing Texas Holdem as in the past.

  6. PokerChick says:

    @Rainer, I’m sorry you didn’t find the games fun, but your comments are ridiculous:
    the graphics are not slow – your computer is slow and is struggling with the 3d flash.
    If you were a better poker player then it wouldn’t take ‘half a lifetime’ to achieve anything, especially on the easier players.
    The cards of the opponents are not 80% better – the cards are dealt entirely random.
    The river is not ‘in favour of the opponent’ – the cards are dealt entirely random.

    Where is it that you currently play texas holdem? Do tell, because playing there clearly hasn’t helped you become a decent poker player or even equipped you with some basic knowledge about poker odds.

  7. Rainer says:

    Dear PokerChick, maybe you are a little bit thin-skinned? Reading some other comments, there are also complaints that a game is lasting too long or to speed it up a bit. Don’t worry, if it is so, it’s ok. If one has the time to sit in front of his computer ( we have a very fast HP to answer this question) for a longer time, no problem. We don’t blame you for that. Maybe we did play against the wrong players? The first impression of the game is nice. And reading your answer about the cards, we were probably unlucky or it just happend so, or we are in your opinion to stupi, never miond we take it with a smile. Our friend makes a living with Texas Holdem.

  8. PokerChick says:

    @Rainer if your only complaint had been that the games lasted too long, then that would have been one thing.
    But you produced a long list of unfounded complaints which all amounted to an accusation of ‘cheating’, and that does annoy me. I have no idea whether you were just unlucky, or just too stupid, but I do know this – to immediately assume that the game is rigged against you, just because you lost a few times, is stupid behavior. Not to mention childish.

    But, I don’t think you really believe that the game is rigged anyway, I think you and your friend (or alter-ego) Roberto have some other motive for bitching about my games – what might that be, I wonder..

  9. Cardchum says:

    I am by no means a great player but I do enjoy the game. Yes some are hard, others easy, and if you could beat all of them in five hands, why bother to take the time to play. I think you have a good mix. And the opponents aren’t bad either!

  10. Cardchum says:

    Do have to say I’ve seen less checks in a box of cereal than this girl!!

  11. Rainer says:

    Dear PokerChick, no one wants to accuse you for anything. Reading some more comments, not even I felt, that at a certain stage of the game, the opponent gets a Full House or Straight…..and in one answer you agree, that this can happen. So it’s ok, as I said before. And not only we felt, sometimes it is very hard to achieve something. I am not bitching against you or the game, sorry if you got this impression. But please understand playing for some years, it takes half a lifetime that by accident two players have a Straigt at same point, for example. Would you agree?

  12. PokerChick says:

    @Rainer – reading all your comments, here and on other girls, you have made the accusation of ‘cheating’, you also described one game as ‘lame’ and ‘no fun’. If this isn’t bitching, I don’t know what is.

    In holdem poker it does not take half a lifetime for 2 players to get a straight at the same time. You share the board cards, and at least 3 of the cards in the straight have to be on the board (and in fact, 4 or 5 can be on the board). So, while it is unusual for this 2 players to have a straight, the odds aren’t nearly as high as you seem to think – certainly nowhere near where they would be in 5 card draw. Also, because there is no real money changing hands, you’ll see more hands through, so you’ll see all sorts of things crop up more often.
    I’ve explained all this before to Roberto (who is either your friend, or is in fact you) in the comments for Carmen, regarding straight flushes.

    Anyway, Rainer/Roberto, I am really tired of responding to your passive aggression. Nobody is forcing you to play these games, and they’ve cost you nothing, so if you don’t enjoy playing them, then why are you here?

  13. bolt says:

    what’s her name?

  14. PokerChick says:

    @bolt – Chelsea French..

  15. Somebody says:

    Very hot!

  16. oldvocks says:

    bluffing game….cheated

  17. B Rad says:

    She’s very sexy! Who is the lucky person that takes the pictures?

  18. footguy says:

    good feet. thanks for the game pokerchick.

  19. Enmesharra says:

    This incredibly attractive young lady certainly took longer to beat than any of the others I’ve played (about 40 at this point). She has an unfair advantage and it has nothing to do with any silly notions of card rigging as was intimated above. After the third picture she mesmerizes me with those fantastic breasts and I start making stupid plays. It’s a good thing we are not playing for real money or she would have cleaned me out long ago.

    Thanks for the great games and keep up the good work.

  20. Frenchy says:

    I’m desappointed: only the last pic is really sexy (and she’s not esay to beat).
    Nice girl and very pretty pussy

  21. Will says:

    Great game as usual with a very lovely lady that I really enjoyed watching her drop her clothes, so my eyes bugged out, so what ! LOL

  22. Matt says:

    Where do yall live!!!!!!

  23. dxkt says:

    well she was tough.. but she likes to fuck.. misionary is her favorite

  24. Bob says:

    Wow. Playing this girl is slightly more fun than being kicked repeatedly in the nuts. The key to playing her is to fold often. You’re holding an A and a 10 of Hearts? You should probably fold. Because you won’t get any more hearts. Or any other cards you can use, while she’ll wind up with two pair. What’s that? You drew a straight? You should probably fold. Because she has a higher straight. You’re going to lose. And you won’t see anything because she doesn’t take anything off. Although that isn’t so bad because she isn’t all that hot.

  25. bill says:

    nice game play Ienjoy it thanks

  26. Pedro says:

    Finished her off with 4 jacks… YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Got to see that awesome last pic… Nice!!!

  27. JohnBoy says:

    If you know how to play, treat her in the game like you were playing a real person. She can be bluffed with garbage. Is that a “5 o’clock shadow” I see?

  28. Greatcornbow says:

    Just tried it with her & won. Finshed her off with a 9 high straight – she had 2 pairs. She’s definitely worth a look down there. Make sure you click on the detail view!

  29. Sue says:

    Nice Pussy – thanks PC

  30. Bas says:

    A lot was said about Chelsea and she is all that beautiful, sexy, and has fantastic body and pussy; however I am certain she could get even better appreciation if she has a bigger smile on her.

  31. PNF says:

    Beautiful lips abs and calves. But her outfit is spectacular. Nice to see some fun and unique clothes.

  32. Mike La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    She is cute and we’d love to squeeze those titties while fucking her.

  33. clive ng says:

    middle player!!!nice body n wonderful pussy lips top play

  34. clive ng says:

    top game!!!!^^^


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