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Win rate: 82%
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Rating: 7.5/10 (1852 votes cast)

Ashley Bulgari is just back from a long Caribbean vacation, now she has a lovely tan and is all ready to try and kick your ass at strip poker!

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Ashley, 7.5 out of 10 based on 1852 ratings
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Ashley 2 - hot poker girl
Ashley - hot poker girl


  1. fuck says:

    she cheats every time…it’s a shit

  2. GotHer says:

    Doubt this game is set up to “cheat”. But, if she does cheat, she does not do it well as I soon had her on 4’s with her bikini bottoms pulled to one side with her brown eye winking…

  3. vegas says:

    a german girl called ashley?? unlikely…

  4. SCtheReaper says:

    A lot of these girls use several names, often more English friendly ones, when they work in the porn and glamour modelling trades.

    More fake boobs though, very disappointing… 2 out of 10

  5. fkollman says:

    what is her last name, great girl, not too easy but not hard, love the pics.

  6. PokerChick says:

    Ashley Bulgari – not sure if that’s her real name or just her pornstar name though..

  7. Holdem34 says:

    Love her ass!

  8. carrot says:

    she is so hoooooooooooot and hard to beat im still trying

  9. Vlatko says:

    She was easy or i was very lucky…She’s cute and her ass is awesome, but her fake titts are gross…massacre…
    OK, 3 down, 1000 to go… 🙂

  10. gus says:

    Where are the big boobs

  11. sd says:

    she was hard to beat
    but great pussy at the ending tho ;P

  12. ? says:

    She is really hot but I just want to say that she was born in Czech Republic and now she lives in Germany…………I hope I meet her sometime,somehow

  13. Hunter says:

    She is one of the easiest on this site. Great prize at the end………. ( l )

  14. Commander says:

    Sho her flat on her back with legs open and in the air.

  15. Strong says:

    i love it

  16. footguy says:

    doggoneit. got my poor aching butt kicked pretty bad (again), but i think it’s because i suck. love the site pokerchick, thanks for the game – i will be back another day to try again.

  17. footguy says:

    finally!!! thanks pokerchick.

  18. gandhi says:

    what a nice ass too horny this bitch

  19. Acer says:

    Nice meat!

  20. dxkt says:

    last pose is good she is welcoming a good hard cock

  21. Bob says:

    If this game is legit, I can see how people got shot over poker games in the Old West. I can be one card from a straight and not get it. I think I’ve gotten one straight in two hours while if I have a high two pair she’ll draw a straight or a full house on the last card. Time. After. Time. If I have a strong hand and play it carefully she’ll fold. If I have a strong hand and play it aggressively she’ll fold. If I have a weak hand and bluff she’ll call it. It is very hard to believe she isn’t cheating. If I were some farmer or cowboy in town with 3 months pay and watched her take it all I’d be tempted to shoot her–cheating or not.

  22. B Rad says:

    Cute girl, she probably did not need the boob job. Her nipples seem to be pointing sideways.

  23. Bas says:

    Would love to toy with this honey bunny

  24. Ильдар says:

    usually I win all the girls, but this is really here is fiddling a lot, so I agree with some people, but a catfish girl from Germany is good, I gave it seven points, and I made it to second on the current drawing record my.

  25. PNF says:

    I really love that bikini but hate the stockings. I would certainly put up with them to cup those tits and stare in those pretty eyes while plunging away.

  26. Mike La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    Very attractive, though the bolt-ons were a bit overdone. Loved the last shot where it looks just like Oxbigg hammered her hard for awhile then pulled out real quick leaving her pussy puckered for the next guy (or Susie Gal).

  27. Bas says:

    two years on I see that Ashley has become a mature player, unfortunately though her routine remains too boring

  28. clive ng says:

    very very hard hard player!!!wonderful ass hole i love to suck her body top play!!!


  1. thelovebot » Ashley has a lovely orange tan.. : quality interactive sex games and other sexy things from around the internet says:

    […] red hot poker skills.. No […]

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