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Win rate: 82%
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Rating: 7.6/10 (1690 votes cast)

Ashley Bulgari is just back from a long Caribbean vacation, now she has a lovely tan and is all ready to try and kick your ass at strip poker!


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Ashley, 7.6 out of 10 based on 1690 ratings
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Ashley 2 - hot poker girl
Ashley - hot poker girl


  1. fuck says:

    she cheats every time…it’s a shit

  2. GotHer says:

    Doubt this game is set up to “cheat”. But, if she does cheat, she does not do it well as I soon had her on 4′s with her bikini bottoms pulled to one side with her brown eye winking…

  3. vegas says:

    a german girl called ashley?? unlikely…

  4. SCtheReaper says:

    A lot of these girls use several names, often more English friendly ones, when they work in the porn and glamour modelling trades.

    More fake boobs though, very disappointing… 2 out of 10

  5. fkollman says:

    what is her last name, great girl, not too easy but not hard, love the pics.

  6. PokerChick says:

    Ashley Bulgari – not sure if that’s her real name or just her pornstar name though..

  7. Holdem34 says:

    Love her ass!

  8. carrot says:

    she is so hoooooooooooot and hard to beat im still trying

  9. Vlatko says:

    She was easy or i was very lucky…She’s cute and her ass is awesome, but her fake titts are gross…massacre…
    OK, 3 down, 1000 to go… :)

  10. gus says:

    Where are the big boobs

  11. sd says:

    she was hard to beat
    but great pussy at the ending tho ;P

  12. ? says:

    She is really hot but I just want to say that she was born in Czech Republic and now she lives in Germany…………I hope I meet her sometime,somehow

  13. Hunter says:

    She is one of the easiest on this site. Great prize at the end………. ( l )

  14. Commander says:

    Sho her flat on her back with legs open and in the air.

  15. Strong says:

    i love it

  16. footguy says:

    doggoneit. got my poor aching butt kicked pretty bad (again), but i think it’s because i suck. love the site pokerchick, thanks for the game – i will be back another day to try again.

  17. footguy says:

    finally!!! thanks pokerchick.

  18. gandhi says:

    what a nice ass too horny this bitch

  19. Acer says:

    Nice meat!

  20. dxkt says:

    last pose is good she is welcoming a good hard cock

  21. Bob says:

    If this game is legit, I can see how people got shot over poker games in the Old West. I can be one card from a straight and not get it. I think I’ve gotten one straight in two hours while if I have a high two pair she’ll draw a straight or a full house on the last card. Time. After. Time. If I have a strong hand and play it carefully she’ll fold. If I have a strong hand and play it aggressively she’ll fold. If I have a weak hand and bluff she’ll call it. It is very hard to believe she isn’t cheating. If I were some farmer or cowboy in town with 3 months pay and watched her take it all I’d be tempted to shoot her–cheating or not.

  22. B Rad says:

    Cute girl, she probably did not need the boob job. Her nipples seem to be pointing sideways.

  23. Bas says:

    Would love to toy with this honey bunny

  24. Ильдар says:

    usually I win all the girls, but this is really here is fiddling a lot, so I agree with some people, but a catfish girl from Germany is good, I gave it seven points, and I made it to second on the current drawing record my.

  25. PNF says:

    I really love that bikini but hate the stockings. I would certainly put up with them to cup those tits and stare in those pretty eyes while plunging away.


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    [...] red hot poker skills.. No [...]

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