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Angie LineCzech

Win rate: 78%
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Rating: 7.4/10 (231 votes cast)

Angie Line is a babe with a powerful bust and a powerful brain. She enjoys literature almost as much as she does hot sex.
Which is quite a lot.


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Angie Line, 7.4 out of 10 based on 231 ratings
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  1. clive ng says:


  2. nutthouse says:

    lovely eyes

  3. Dougie Shotgun says:


  4. Mike La'Taurus & Mike Oxbigg says:

    Angie has a pretty face. She looks a lot like Derek Jeter’s wife, who happens to be a swimsuit model. Perhaps she is getting into nudies now too. She started out the strip show slowly. She didn’t even show her boobies until the 5th pic. The fourth pic shows her butt, but not really sexy at all. Finally, in the finale, she spreads herself making her look like she’s finally ready to fuck. She certainly isn’t the tiny type woman that La’Taurus favors, so Mike Oxbigg went first. He started with some doggie that was inspired by that fourth pic and then pounded that pussy after flipping her around. La’Taurus wanted a fresh start, so he opted for a nice BJ from her.

    The three comments before ours didn’t even reference the pics, so we assume we might be the first commenter to actually beat her. And here is a tip for the rest of youse: She likes to bet when she believes she has a clear advantage, so sandbagging works really good on her. If you have top pair, check into her and let her do the betting.

  5. Sue says:

    Stunning eyes Angie, and a pussy that has been well eaten before now. Thanks PC x – what’s her real name?

  6. Number99 says:

    @ Sue,
    I believe her name is Dana Harem / Dana Hatonova…

  7. Number99 says:

    She has a very cool eye color. But, she doesn’t smile in this set, that makes her eyes hard to me. She doesn’t seem to enjoy
    what she’s doing… I like her most in, off course, the last picture. And also the first pic is sexy as hell 🙂

    Thanks PC

  8. alan5091 says:

    Beautiful eyes and GREAT tits. In the last pic she has a great pussy that really wants to be fucked. Very beautiful.

  9. CHARLE"S says:


  10. Bas says:

    Angie is like Mona Lisa one cannot run away from her eyes. Certainly I was mesmerised by her eyes that I could not figure our why she looks familiar then I remembered seeing her in glasses on another poker site, and I can assure the early comment authors that she does have a charming smile. Angie can tease very well too, she left the two Mikes wondering when she is going to produce her goodies!! Thanks PC

  11. Dplayer says:

    agreeing with nutthouse, Sue, alan5091 and Bas. Her eyes are captivating. You bet her breasts are powerful and her body is a voluptuous treasure. I’m all in fir those eyes. Thanks PC.

  12. Green Dragon says:

    good player !!!

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