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Our Top Rated Strip Poker Babes

Billie - hot poker girl
Billie: 8.02/10
Zuzana 2 - hot poker girl
Zuzana: 7.79/10
Ariel 3 - hot poker girl
Ariel: 7.78/10
Anna T 2 - hot poker girl
Anna T: 7.77/10
Marjana - hot poker girl
Marjana: 7.75/10
Ally B - hot poker girl
Ally B: 7.74/10
Zuzana - hot poker girl
Zuzana: 7.74/10
Zuzana 3 - hot poker girl
Zuzana: 7.74/10
Liza D - hot poker girl
Liza D: 7.73/10

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Her Win Rate: 83% - Since February 7th, 2014

Cuban lovely, Linet, is back for some more poker frolics. She’s sorted her hair out, and has had it with rolling cigars for good now. Fancy rolling something else with her?

Linet A in slinky dress
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Rating: 7.7/10 (419 votes cast)

Erica FPortugal

Her Win Rate: 75% - Since January 31st, 2014

Hot Portuguese gal, Erica Fontes has a carefree attitude and a love of adventure. It just so happens that many of her best adventures have happened while she was naked. Are you ready for a bit of adventure with Erica?

Erica Fontes in a bikini
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Rating: 7.7/10 (600 votes cast)


Her Win Rate: 78% - Since January 24th, 2014

Taylor Shay has now finished her Psychology degree and has landed a job as a therapist. But she still likes to play a bit of strip poker after a hard day dealing with people with mental problems.

Taylor as a office girl
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Rating: 7.7/10 (391 votes cast)


Her Win Rate: 80% - Since January 17th, 2014

Samia Duarte is a buxom erotic dancer all the way from Barcelona! Samia thinks erotic dancing is an art form, so you might want to check out her skills for free by following the link in the game. When she’s not dancing erotically, though, she does like to relax with a bit of strip poker. Which is why she’s here.

Samina Duarte in little skirt
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Rating: 7.7/10 (437 votes cast)

Liza DFrance

Her Win Rate: 79% - Since January 10th, 2014

The buxom French babe, Liza Del Sierra is back. And she’s got a new job! Play your cards right or she’ll be giving you a full cavity search. Which you may/may not enjoy. Depends whether you’re a bit of a pervert or not.

Get strip searched by Liza D
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Rating: 7.7/10 (435 votes cast)


Her Win Rate: 74% - Since January 6th, 2014

Budapest babe, Shelly, thinks that her ass is her best asset. Do you concur? I suppose you’re going to have to beat her at strip poker to be absolutely sure…

Shelly in tight pants
VN:F [1.9.3_1094]
Rating: 7.5/10 (354 votes cast)

Gracy-AnnSouth Africa

Her Win Rate: 81% - Since December 26th, 2013

Little Gracy-Ann is back. Her fondness for power-dressing has paid off and she’s landed a top corporate job. She still likes a game of strip poker, though, so see if you can strip her out of her office gear.

Gracy-Ann dressed for the office
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Rating: 7.7/10 (486 votes cast)

Tracy GHungary

Her Win Rate: 80% - Since December 20th, 2013

Tracy Gold is back, and comes to you straight from college, still in her uniform. Should she take it off for her strip poker game with you, or keep it on? You decide.

Tracy as a college girl
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Rating: 7.7/10 (350 votes cast)


Her Win Rate: 80% - Since December 13th, 2013

Viola is so excited about Christmas that she came a week early. Before your unwrap her gifts, why not play some strip poker? Protip: the smell of homemade apple pie gets her horny.

Viola in xmas outfit
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Rating: 7.7/10 (547 votes cast)


Her Win Rate: 80% - Since December 9th, 2013

Russian babe, Aurelly Rebel, is almost always horny. This can prove to be a bit of a disadvantage when playing strip poker. At least it would be if you were trying to win. I’m not so sure that Aurelly really cares about that too much…

Aurelly in grey dress
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Rating: 7.7/10 (436 votes cast)

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